Video That Works “We’ll fix that in post” Video Content Myths Exposed

First of all, we love what we do.  It’s fascinating, rewarding, and exciting work. Part of the reason that’s true is that video is still (relatively) new as a discipline for brands and organisations that put content at the heart of how they talk about themselves. 

We love to demystify what we do, to open up new ways of thinking about and doing video that brings clients’ stories to life.  We’re exploring strategically, creatively, together.  At the same time, people have been making films forever. And we’ve been around a while. We count ourselves as both part of the old guard as well as the vanguard.

So we’re taking responsibility here and calling time on some misconceptions, untruths, truisms and fictions.  Some old, some new. Some we are guilty of ourselves. There’s no blame here, just an opportunity to set the record straight. To blow the whistle.

Seven phrases that should you come across them, should act as a warning that that all might not be as rosy as it seems, a sign that your video project might be about to enter dangerous or risky ground…

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Anthony KleinKlein and Sons
Video that Works: 'WHY ANIMATE? 5 GOOD REASONS'

Video that Works: 'WHY ANIMATE? 5 GOOD REASONS'

When we think of video, we tend to think first of film, of 'live action'.

Animation, however, is very much on the rise, particularly as technology removes the traditional barriers to entry (You no longer need to hand-draw every frame Steamboat Willie style).

From videos scripted for social, to ‘explainer’ films, to big-budget TV advertising, it works on any level.

It boasts special qualities and unique advantages that are distinct from what live-action can do.

It’s worth bearing these in mind when developing a creative strategy.

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Video that Works: Doing 'Talking Heads' Differently

No, we’re not talking about “Once In A Lifetime” or “Psycho Killer” here. Leave that to the great Jonathan Demme. 

We’re talking about when the basic, straightforward “talking heads” style of video is what you plan to produce. 

Those occasions when budget, your deadline or your subject’s availability dictate that shots of “people talking” is the best, most effective way of making your video and getting your message across. 

Unfortunately, however, there’s no getting away from the fact that the vast majority of “talking heads” videos are formulaic. 

And boring.

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Video That Works: Best Practice and Ideas for Financial Services Brands

Most marketers and communications departments are keener than ever to place video as a central tenet of their planning. But with so much to get right first time, planning projects and executing effectively can quickly unravel. 

So how can we help? 

Here, we share three general best-practice tips and five executional ideas. These are geared to the challenges faced by marketing and comms teams right across the financial services sector, from investment banking, to FINTECH, insurance and building societies. 


Rather than an ad-hoc approach, having a raft of topic ideas to hand well in advance of production is extremely helpful. Integrating that into your wider marketing and communications planning can be challenging but is a very necessary way of doing things.

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Tim Moorhouse

In the run-up to the EU referendum, we were all bombarded, to the point of “information overload” (RIP Alvin Toffler), with “facts”, opinion and argument, aimed at influencing our vote.

Some remained steadfast in their views throughout. Others were unsure even up to the last moment. But many, myself included, found that all of this information had a limited effect on helping us make sense of what was clearly a complex issue. We were in unprecedented territory after all.

And now, as the dust settles on the result, we hear, many votes were cast based on arguments that were skewed, illogical and factually incorrect.

Campaigners were tied to the standard approach: press, old-fashioned leaflets through letterboxes and (much-maligned) posters on billboards and buses.

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This week is London Technology Week. (Last week was London Rain Week). 

The video content agency I work for has good background in this sector :

  • We’ve been working with London’s Tech City on video content since 2014
  • We’ve seen one tech client use a video thoughtpiece as the background to a global success story and recent AIM listing
  • And a new tech client start-up use multiple videos to explain their product internationally
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